A brave venture

Alright, I've been trying to post my comics on this site. Bad idea. Takes forever. Kumoi suggested, though, that I look into Smack Jeeves, a webcomic hosting site. It's a great site, very friendly, FREE, and lets you have more than one webcomic. The only problem? The image size limit is 200kb. That is not good. Looking at the smallest drawing I have (not even a good one, either), I have only as small as 476kb. So, what's my plan? It's pathetic: post the comics panel-by-panel. This idea actually seems a bit logical, as sometimes readers' eyes get drawn to another, later panel when they look at a whole page. It's all about the emphasis of the colors on that panel that makes them automatically look at that one first. This panel-by-panel approach would solve that, BUT I'm still not sure how big they will be, even as single panels, once they've been colored. I suppose I'll just have to find out... Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it, big time.

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