World idiocy class

Now, I know some adults think the younger generation is a bunch of morons. They're right for the most part. One reason why? About all the people in my world history class thought the Middle East was in the middle of Asia, think Muslims follow the Muslim faith instead of Islam, and are just SO bored omg nothing happens in this class blah blah blah MORONS. Lemme tell you one thing: if people don't think something applies to them, they tend to think it's stupid. I know not ALL people think like this, but most of the time it seems to be this way. Morning announcements at my school are done on the tv, which everyone turns on to watch the announcements. (y'know, stuff like who beat who in sports, lunch, a word of the day, shit no one cares about) There's also a part at the end where someone says some "words of wisdom," explaining what they mean and how it applies to life. Once in a while, the wows are about bullying. This seems to be the thing EVERYONE blows off. Everyone, that is, except those who have been bullied at one time or another. "Why's he telling US this?! This is stupid! What's he even talking about?!" Those are the things you hear from the mouthy people who can't seem to think, so they must speak. These people are the ones who set you up to get you into trouble. There is very rarely physical torture around here: all mental. Think of it in a case like this: A gay guy is walking through the halls. Some jerks come up behind him and start bugging him about it. The guy keeps walking, thinking "Just ignore them, they're not worth the effort." The jerks keep at it. They keep at it. They keep at it--The gay guy loses control and lashes out at them, knowing how they won't listen to him if he talks to them, and he ends up hitting them. The next sound that's heard: "HE HIT ME!!" No questions asked about how badly the guys were harassing him. The gay guy made it physical. He's the one blamed, and the other guys are given a "warning." (blown off) What does the warning do? Nothing. Why should they care what they say to them? They got off without getting in trouble, like that mattered anyways. As far as they're concerned, the gay guy's a total fag and it doesn't matter what he says or thinks or believes. He's a GAY GUY. Is that a reason? Of course not. But this is how people are usually messed with. The instigators drive the victim to the boiling point, the point where the person just can't take it anymore, the point where instinct takes over and consequences be damned. It even happens online. I know this sounds like a dopey example, but it does. People are bothered enough that they finally tell the person to shut the fuck up, then they get reported for cussing. But that's just the way things work, isn't it? That's just the way things happen, isn't it? WHY? Because someone, a long time ago, decided it should be that way, probably since they were the ones who were pestering someone and didn't want to get in trouble. Think some rules need to change? Oh, yes. Definitely.

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