I know, I know, I'm lazy...

The RP blog is finally being updated! Wow! Amazing that I even REMEMBER this stuff happening... Hehe... but I wrote it down as a script for a comic, so I think I'm good to go. >;D
Gotta say, though, that I think Avenn and I make a pretty damn good team; while I'm hopping mad, he's calm and willing to hold me down from running my hand straight through someone. (that is, by the way, my favorite attack >:D i'll have to draw that one sometime) And, as you'll see from the RP journal, he's pretty much my big bro. Though I didn't include it, while I was telling him about what this other guy Alrich was doing, he responded "*sigh* want big brother to come and save you?" to which I was happy to confirm. He also sends me a bunch of cool stuff, giving me most of my lvl 30 armor, actually. Sent me a helmet, among other things, which was nice since the [Silk Headband] just wasn't cutting it in the armor department. ~.~"

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