SI:7 Cyberz

Here's what happened: I was in Stormwind getting some training in SI:7 when I noticed some emotes... imagine. Ok anyways I got outta there and I put it on the general area chat that there were people cybering there in case they were going there, y'know, just to warn them. I was standing on a bridge that leads into the area with SI:7 (Old Town, y'know) and I suddenly see all these people, like 20 or so, riding by on their mounts into the area. About a minute later, two other people ran like hell outta there. I decided not to include those in this comic... Thought I wouldn't like drawing someone trying to get dressed while they run. O.O"
Oh, and I know it's not colored all the way. Bite me. It will be eventually, so just cool it.

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