Sick and tired as usual

As usual, I'm sick and tired of something. I recently went to see this lady named Joanie (dunno how to spell it) with my mother. We go to see her about every other Thursday to get "counseling" (more like a feminist rant session, really). I brought in some of my comics with me to show her some that I was particularly proud of. She looked at them, her jaw dropped, yadda yadda happens every time. (kind of sick of it) She told me how bright and smart I was and all this other shit that I personally can't believe for myself, and both her and mum said I was pretty (REALLY sick of that) which I staunchly disregarded. Always annoys me when people say that, and I don't care what reasons they might have to say that, I won't believe them. Everyone's confused, and always have been, about why my grades are so bad when teachers say, once again, how bright I am (god, getting sick of that, too) and how it doesn't make sense that my grades are being nailed to the floor with a six-inch spike. Some people might say I'm just bragging about how everyone's so goddamned impresed with me. I'm not. I'm saying I don't understand WHY they're impressed. Not much to any of this. I draw. I always have, always will, and I DIDN'T get someone to teach me. I don't like school. I think a bit more than most people in my grade. I pay attention to worldly things (like that oh-so-difficult question of where the middle east is--it's NOT the middle of asia) and I don't put up with other people's shit. (got enough of it already) So my problem is that I just don't get it. Someone, PLEASE, explain this whole thing to me. I'm totally lost.
Another thing I'm getting tired of is people asking why I haven't submitted my comics to the newspaper or the school paper. Answer: I have submitted some to the school paper, and they got rejected. I understand why they were rejected, though, so it's no big thing. Why I haven't submitted them to the newspaper, though, is a whole other reason: No one cares. If I did submit them, they might possibly run for a bit, but then people would either complain or the paper would decide they needed the room for something else. No one cares in a small town. These people wonder why the smart people leave, leaving the town with nothing but... I don't want to say this, but, stupid people. (they call it brain-draining. catchy -.-) It's no surprise no one wants to stay here in their right mind. If you have good ideas, they're probably against the church of A-holiness or whatever or the town just doesn't want to change. Big cities are the places the smart ones go, so there you have it. They should stop complaining about it, since it's not going to change as long as they don't want to change.
Yep. I'm fully vented now. Til later.

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