I'm gonna get in trouble with the bf for this one... but man, I felt like drawing something kind of moody, and this really worked.
And it is finished. It's not meant to be colored in. I'm surprised, though, that the ink shading worked...

Noticed something: most (damn school computer, half the keys don't work, i'm beating the keyboard to death) people don't understand what's going on. Ok, the guy with long hair is Xzorn, the one from the tiny boyfriend comic. The tall guy Tele's talking to is Nide, guild leader of Defias Bandits. He had a thing for her and she thought he was pretty cool, so that worked out. Trouble was, Xzorn had all this drama going on (he is quite the drama queen) about how HE liked Tele, too. So this is sort of playing on his (and i sound kind of cliche saying this) desire to be with her, but knowing he couldn't. That's the point of all the empty space by him. They have each other, he's got no one. (most girls he tried to go after killed him o.o")

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