Due to technical difficulties, you may not go back into the world.

That's pretty much the message I get from the Blizzard site right now. To recap, I bought a game card for WoW. I also found the patch that I had deleted some time ago on my iPod... Yess, I'm forgetful. Because now I can put the patch, which wouldn't work on my lovely lovely iMac and I deleted from the Mac because I figured it would be a useless 454MB waste of space, onto the family laptop, which has WoW on it. I've updated the game. I've got a prepaid game card. I've got all the desire to go back to Azeroth. I just CAN'T GET MY ACCOUNT MANAGED. A bit frustrating. I've been waiting two months to go back... and in internet time that's like a year, so nyaah.

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