Racists... *huurgh*

This is out of the blue, but I've always wondered, even though I'm a plain, bland white person, how the hell do some people get around to hating a race?? I just don't get it. Was it a war? It happened and it's over with. Was it a criminal? Forget about him. I just don't see how pasty-white, sunburning, yellow-haired people can think it's just normal to poke fun at people who actually have some character. While we whiteys are ok, I guess, we kind of pale (no pun intended) in comparison to how other races look, at the very least. I mean, we're kind of the basic human being: basic proportions, basic color scheme, basic everything. But I guess somehow we have more of a herd instinct than others, since we're so bland. Other people must think we're like sheep, we all look the same, not much differences. Granted, we think all those people are insane and just not paying attention, but don't we usually do the same thing? The only thing we seem to notice different is hairstyle. Unless the other person is wearing something that stands out or has some very distinguishing feature that you would be able to see even if you were looking at them through a magnifying glass from twenty feet away, we usually don't notice any differences... This is quite an odd entry... Ah well. What I'm getting at is... WTF? It doesn't make any sense to me, it never will, and I probably won't listen to anyone who tries to convince me it's rational. ... Especially not anyone who says "The only good gook is a dead gook" while I'm dating a korean guy. That was really stupid. You'd think it would be one of those situations like telling a racist joke, then realizing the person you're telling it to is good friends with or in a relationship with someone of that group. But I guess that's just me.

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