The comic and lack of WoW

I've been working to get World of Warcraft to my house for about two months, but during that time, I've been drawing comics about the roleplaying that goes on. Given, they're not true... But they're getting better drawn. That's one of the important things, I suppose. Even if the storylines get a bit... off... But anyways, it's what I've been doing with my free time lately, since I don't want to bother with all the family crap. It seems to be a great way to forget about what's going on now, but sometimes I get a bit too into it, staying awake until 6:00 AM to finish a drawing. The trouble with me and the storylines is that I come up with ideas at the worst times. At work, when I'm supposed to sleep, and whenever else it's most inconvenient. Oh well. I have a bunch of drawings in my album if you'd like to see them. They might be hard to read until they're colored, though. My handwriting looks pretty bad. But that's that. I'm enjoying the storyline so far... the latest installments have gotten a bit depressing, I know, but you don't have to see those until you want to, I guess. They'll all be in the album soon enough. I hate scanning drawings in to the computer, since it takes forever and they're always huge. I haven't figured out how to compress them. Sorry. ^.^" I don't know why my comics always take a turn for the worst, but that's how stories stay interesting, I guess. No one's interested in reading about how things are going perfectly forever and ever. Life isn't like that, and stories aren't interesting like that. Oh well. Time for me to eat some more of my Italian wedding soup. :D


And no, that doesn't mean I'm getting married.

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