KILL THE FANBOYS!!! (c'mon, FBI, i'm kidding!!)

If you've ever had a fanboy, you know what I'm so annoyed about. If you don't know what a fanboy is, this is it: someone who pretty much hits on you and doesn't really realize it. Just like any other guy who hits on you. Fanboy is just a collective term, but you really have to come up with a name for people who say "our children will be beautiful!!" online. But sometimes, you don't get the shameless flirty kind. Sometimes you get the shy, kind of cute in a weird way but still creepy kind. They don't really hit on you very openly, but they always do things like diss your boyfriend and brag about themselves. No moves towards you directly. So what the hell do you do? You tell him you don't like him? You don't know it for sure that he does. You stay away from him? He comes over to you. You hang around your boyfriend more often? He shoots him dirty looks that are so bad you almost think he's going to stab him in the back with his glare. You have your boyfriend hang around you if you have to be doing something that happens to be around fanboy? They get into fights, and even worse, fanboy's bigger than your boyfriend. That's when you call your crazy Japanese samurai friend. You tell him about fanboy's racist comments directed specifically to your Asian boyfriend, and he goes berzerk. You now have an ally. Now you feel better. But one problem: your friend is a bit far away. And even worse, your boyfriend just graduated from high school, so you won't have him around to fend off fanboy. Now, you feel like you're really on your own. It's a bit scary, since you don't know what fanboy's going to do next. The worst part of this whole situation is that you sort of feel bad for the fanboy. He doesn't have very many friends, and he has no chance with girls. Poor guy. You tell yourself "Why the hell am I feeling sorry for him?! He's an asshole!" Then you get that terrible thought, that awful reminder: last year, you considered dating him. You might get sick or whatever, but the real thing is that you're afraid those emotions might come back... You tell yourself again that he's a racist son-of-a-bitch, but you still worry. And you're worried to talk to your boyfriend about this, because he'll get insecure and jealous and whatnot. So now, you wait it out. You wait for summer to end and school to begin again. You sort of want to go back to school, just to see if you were right about your stupid emotions coming into play. Now, I have to wait it out. I guess that's what I'll do.

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