Coloring and comments

I don't know if I'll ever get the colored comics in my albums... The computer can send the black and white ones just fine, but I guess color is way too much data. But I should probably say something right now just so the people I play with on WoW don't start bitching at me: if you do or say something, for real, and it's offensive or embarrassing, I won't mention your name. If it's in one of my comics, it will be marked out. So, for this reason, FAQ will not be posted yet. I have to get to a higher connection speed so I can send that one in, since I'll color it while I'm at it marking out the names. Note this does NOT apply to those who do or say something that's just not nice, like Xzorn commenting about my character's shorts (which somehow had a better armor value than the ones I had before, which covered my character's legs completely). I'll talk about that all I want. So, those are the assurances I give you if you look at my page. And for some people, I will say this. I am NOT going to censor my comic on request. If you don't like the cussing, just don't look at it. That's what the mouse, keyboard, and monitor are all for. The Internet doesn't have an FCC, and it shouldn't. Stuff like porn, yes, that's nasty (keep your opinions to yourself on that matter), and that's exactly why I don't watch it, look for it, or stay at pages that advertise it. Or I just don't look at the banner ads. Ok? Not being mean. Just showing who's the boss.

**did this one on msn, which is pretty pissy about displaying drawings**

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